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Our Story


“From a Pushcart Tiffin Centre to a Chain of Posh, quality veg food outlets…!”

Hotel Sri Madhuram with a preponderous presence in Nellai and Palai region, have attained a pride of place and eminence in the hospitality and catering service sector to-day.

The sweet successful journey of Hotel Sri Madhuram had a humble, modest beginning with a Sweet Stall in an Annual Temple festival in the year 1990.

The abundant goodwill and patronage of the customers pushed its founder V. Arunachalam Iyer to start a pushcart tiffin centre at Ramaswamy Temple near V.O.C. ground in the year 1995.

Customers thronged the pushcart tiffin centre to enjoy delicious authentic home-made tiffin and rice varieties.

Thanks to the passion for catering and the untiring efforts of the founder, Sri Madhuram Saiva Unavagam was opened in 1998 in the Palai Market as an evening tiffin centre with limited seating capacity.

Pocket-friendly, palate-pleasing, hygienic and healthy dishes served with a beaming smile, soon set Hotel Sri Madhuram on its track of success.

The founder got his five sons also into the hospitality service, after their education motivating them with the cardinal catering principle “Catering is a common thing. But, do it uncommonly well”.

The sons scrupulously followed this principle in running the business. No wonder, Hotel Sri Madhuram very soon became popular among the foodies.

Today with a chain of 8 veg restaurants with A.C and Non A.C dining halls and an exclusive outdoor catering service centre in Nellai and Palai, Hotel Sri Madhuram are the much sought-after food centres and caterers, not only in Nellai and Palai but in distant Nagercoil and Trivandrum regions also.

In Hotel Madhuram, the culinary art is redefined with authentic updated recipes, be it traditional, Chinese or Tandoori Menu.

The prime contributory factor for the success of an event like a big social gathering or a marriage is quality catering.

Hotel Sri Madhuram, with their cutting-edge in catering and hospitality render the event enjoyable, memorable and cherishable.

A number of specialities have originated from Hotel Sri Madhuram, thanks to the creativity of their chefs. The tastes of the Hotel Sri Madhuram delicacies linger long in the taste-buds making a longing for the dishes.

We, Indians have a long cultured heritage in Catering and hospitality. Hotel Sri Madhuram fondly wish to preserve and carry on that proud heritage to the next generation.

Be it a traditional menu or an exotic menu, be it a small gathering or a mammoth congregation, Hotel Sri Madhuram readily cater to the unique requirement of the customers suiting their budget.

Hotel Sri Madhuram enjoy the enviable distinction of immaculate service by neat, professionally groomed persons in uniform.

Transparency is the hall-mark of all catering transactions in Hotel Sri Madhuram. Frank discussions with the customer precede the fixing of the contract. The price structuring is well explained, specific requirements of the customer addressed, out-sourcing for any of the requirement, if needed, informed before hand with no room for any hidden-cost whatsoever.

Hotel Sri Madhuram is the most preferred caterers not only for gourmets and connoisseurs but also for the common man with a hungry belly because there they get their money’s real worth.

“Customer’s Satisfaction” is not a customary slogan for Hotel Sri Madhuram but a strong conviction.